APIC Home Builds relationship


Face to face consultations with our designers to focus on your unique requirements and expectations.
We have the know-how to design and build your dream home. Through our optimised solutions, we strive to exceed your quality expectations with the most cost-effective outcome.
Our design team will fulfil your needs, based on your choice of both Western and Eastern concepts, which include large open spaces, ventilation, natural lighting, authentic Feng-Shui elements, accessibility, split level designs, high ceiling, voids and many more.

Building Approval

APiC Homes guarantee that all our designs will meet all applicable building regulations as we pride ourselves with integrity and responsibility in all areas of design and construction.
We even go the extra mile to explain to you what types of approvals we obtain.


Only qualified licensed tradespeople are coordinated with our professional supervisor. We guarantee that once we start your project, it will be a seamless construction process. No delay or suspension will occur without reasonable causes, we provide updated report throughout the construction.
Our friendly team are always responsive to all your enquiries.
At APiC Homes, not only do we build dream homes, we build long-lasting relationships.

APiC Homes is the builder 
you can Trust